Shipping and Delivery Information | Vistaprint (2024)

We want you to get your package as quickly and affordably as possible, whether you ordered way in advance or need your product ASAP. Free standard shipping on orders $100+.

Here’s a breakdown of your shipping options, calculated from the day you place your order: (Exceptions apply)

Order Total Standard 8 business days Priority 4-6 business days Express 3-4 business days
$0.00 - $25.00 $ 5.99 $ 9.99 $ 18.99
$25.01 - $50.00 $ 7.99 $ 12.99 $ 22.99
$50.01 - $75.00 $ 9.99 $ 17.99 $ 32.99
$75.01 - $100.00 $ 11.99 $ 18.99 $ 34.99
$100.01 - $200.00 Free $ 20.99 $ 39.99
$200.01 - $500.00 Free $ 24.99 $ 49.99
Over $500.00 Free $ 44.99 $ 74.99

*All delivery times above include production and shipping. Delivery times for orders made after 6pm ET will be calculated from the next business day.

Above shipping rates do not apply to ProAdvantage Premium customers.

For high-volume orders, additional fees will be applied to priority and express shipping for the following

  • Flyers (quantities of 5,000+)
  • Brochures (quantities of 5,000+)
  • Presentation folders (quantities of 2,000+)

You’ll see the final fee calculation in your cart before you make your purchase.


Some VistaPrint products and destinations are not available in all shipping speeds. Most, but not all, of these are listed right here.

  • Clothing & bags: 10+ business days
  • Promotional products: 10+ business days
  • Photobooks:: 6 or 8 business days
  • Sample kits: 14 business days
  • Checks: 6 or 8 business days
    Please note: For security purposes, checks can only be shipped to the address printed on the check – and they cannot be sent to P.O. boxes

If your order includes products with different shipping speeds, it can be split into separate packages. This avoids delaying products that you can receive sooner.

You'll have a choice of shipping speeds, depending on which products are in your cart. For example, if some of your items are available for express shipping, you will be able to choose this option. You only need to select and pay for one speed.

Before you make the payment, we’ll show you how your order will be split and the estimated date that each product will be delivered to you. This means you’ll know prior to purchase which products in your cart may arrive later than your chosen delivery speed.

Puerto Rico & International Pricing

Order Total Standard 8 business days Priority 6 business days
$0.00 - $25.00 $ 20.99 $ 30.99
$25.01 - $50.00 $ 25.99 $ 35.99
$50.01 - $75.00 $ 30.99 $ 40.99
$75.01 - $100.00 $ 35.99 $ 45.99
$100.01 - $200.00 $ 45.99 $ 55.99
$200.01 - $500.00 $ 55.99 $ 65.99
Over $500.00 $ 79.99 $ 99.99

🛈 Available international destinations: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Alaska / Hawaii Pricing

Order Total Standard 8 business days Priority 6 business days Express 3-4 business days
$0.00 - $25.00 $ 9.99 $ 14.99 $ 30.99
$25.01 - $50.00 $ 14.99 $ 16.99 $ 35.99
$50.01 - $75.00 $ 16.99 $ 22.99 $ 38.99
$75.01 - $100.00 $ 18.99 $ 24.99 $ 40.99
$100.01 - $200.00 $ 19.99 $ 25.99 $ 45.99
$200.01 - $500.00 $ 22.99 $ 29.99 $ 54.99
Over $500.00 $ 29.99 $ 49.99 $ 79.99

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do your shipping speeds include production time?
    Yes, always! Our listed speeds include both the time it takes to print your order and deliver it to you.

  2. Do you offer expedited shipping?
    Our fastest option is express Shipping (3-4 business days) which includes the production time of your order and the delivery.

  3. Are your shipping times guaranteed?
    When you add an item to your cart, you’ll be asked to choose a shipping speed. After that, we’ll show you the promised arrival date for your item – and we stand by that. Bad weather and carrier delays can happen, but if your order doesn’t get there on time and you’re not satisfied, neither are we. Contact us – we’re here to help.

  4. Do you offer free shipping?
    We offer free shipping within the US (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) on orders greater than $100 before taxes and after any discounts are applied. Through VistaPrint ProAdvantage, a subscription program for print resellers, Premium customers receive flat rate shipping and free delivery on orders over $60, along with product discounts.

  5. Do I get tracking info? Where can I find it?
    Once your order ships, we’ll send you a shipment confirmation email that includes the delivery method, estimated arrival date and other tracking details (if available). You can also go to your order history to look up tracking info.

  6. Which shipping carriers do you use?
    We use a variety of shipping carriers, including United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx. We determine which carrier to use for your order based on a variety of factors, such as products purchased, shipping address, size/weight of the order and delivery speed selected.

  7. Can I arrange for my own shipping provider / courier to deliver my order?
    We’re sorry, but because of our production process, we can’t accommodate special shipping requests.

  8. Is there a way to pick up my package?
    Yes. Where available, you are able to choose an eligible pickup point for your delivery. To view eligible locations, select “Pickup Point” in the shipping address field at checkout.

  9. Do you ship internationally? Which countries do you deliver to?
    Yes, international shipping is available to the following destinations: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Please note that some products may not qualify for international shipping.

  10. Do you ship to APOs and MPOs?
    Right now we can’t, but we’re looking into how we can ship to military addresses.

  11. My package was supposed to arrive today, but I have not received it yet. What should I do?
    Packages are delivered by 8pm in your time zone daily. If it is not yet 8pm you can view your tracking information in your Order History under My Account. You can also contact us at any time, and we’ll be glad to assist.

  12. What if my package is returned to the sender?
    If the carrier was unable to deliver your order and it was returned to our manufacturing facility, please [contact us ( – we’re here to help.

  13. My product contains a defect or is damaged, what can be done?
    Our goal is love at first sight. If you have any questions or concerns with your order, we want to know and we want to help. Contact us – our experts are available by phone, email or online live chat.

  14. Are the above rates applicable if I am a ProAdvantage customer?
    ProAdvantage Premium customers have access to flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders >$60. If you are a ProAdvantage Basic customer, you may upgrade your membership here to receive these benefits.

Shipping and Delivery Information | Vistaprint (2024)


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